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Sex workers in amsterdam

Policy: Prostitution - City of Amsterdam

Amsterdams city government believes that it is essential to ensure safe, healthy working conditions and more independence for sex workers in Amsterdam. The city’s prostitution policy is designed to involve the entire sex industry in strengthening the position of Amsterdam’s sex workers and combating abuses.

Amsterdams sex workers must close down for two weeks sex workers in amsterdam

Amsterdam Prostitution Information Center - PIC. A charitable foundation, which has been established by a former prostitute Mariska Majoor, to inform the society about the prostitution and influence the way we perceive the sex workers has a small shop in the Red Light District (De Wallenwinkel). The PIC shop sells books about the prostitution

Tough times for Amsterdam sex business - BBC News

A Prostitute statue near Old Church Oudekerk Dedicated to Sex Workers in Amsterdam, Red light District. The statue is named Belle. A Prostitute statue near Old. Respect Sex Workers Sign in Red Light District of Amsterdam Netherlands.

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